Similarities Between Shi’aism and Judaism pt1

Posted: September 22, 2008 by millatibraheem in al-Imaan, Rebuttals

Here are some further proofs of Jewish influences on Shi’ism and this leaves no doubt that Shiism was started By Ibnu Saba and his task was further accomplished by the hypocrite companions of the Imams of the Ahlul bayt like Zurara ibn Ayan, Abu Baseer al Muradi. al Mufadhaal ibnu Omar etc.:

—The Jews said only the progeny of David has the authority to rule likewise the Shiites stated that only the descendants of Ali(ra) should be the Imams or leaders.

—The Jews stated that there can be no fighting in the way of God unless the Messiah(Dajjal) comes and the sword descends. Similarly the Shiites stated that that there can be no fighting in the way of God unless Qaem appears and an announcer will call from the sky.

—The Jews delay the Dusk until the stars appear, likewise the Shiites delay the maghrib prayer until the stars appear. The Prophet is reported to have said, ” My Ummah will remain in the state of Fitra unless they delay their maghrib till the stars appear.” He further stated:” Hasten to the maghrib prayer before the appearance of the stars and don’t be similar to the Jews for they pray when the stars appear.”

—The Jews distorted the Torah similarly the Shiites distorted the Quran.(by giving wrong explanation and misusing of the verses-like those of tafseer al-Qummi- and alleging that parts of the Quran are changed, missing and deleted out by the Sahabah. Examples of such allegation is that of the respected Shiite scholar at-tabarasi, when he regarded that two surahs: Wilayah and an-Nuraiyn, were deleted out of the official Quranic text by Uthman ibnu Affan)

—The Jews wrote the book with their own hands and stated that this is from God, likewise the Shiites wrote down lies and stated that this is from God.(al-Kulyani’s al-Kafi is full of it).They also fabricated lies and attributed them to the Prophet and his family. It is also well known to the hadith scholars that the Rafdhis/Shiites form the bulk of those narrators who are weak, unreliable and abandoned.

—The Jews don’t wipe on their slippers or light shoes (for ablution) likewise the Shiites abandon the same thing.(it should be noted that the Jewish ablution is similar to that of the Shiites)

—The Jews regard Al-Jari and Al-Marmahi(two kinds of fishes) forbidden and the Rafidhis regard the same.

—The Jews forbid the eating of rabbits and spleen and likewise the Shiites regard the same.

—The Jews had slandered the chaste and pure Mary the mother of Jesus(as), whereas the Shiites slandered and accused Ayesha(ra) the wife of the Prophet. It should be known that Imam Malik issued a fatwa of kufr on the Shiites for this reason.

—The Jews stated that the daughter of Prophet Jacob left rebellious and was held by a polytheist man, whereas the Shiites state that Umar forcefully took hold of the daughter of Ali(ra).

—The Jews were changed into pigs and monkeys and so did it happen on the Rafdhis in the city of Madina al Munawarra and other places. It is stated that their figures were transformed at the time of their deaths.

— And there are some of the Rafidhis who don’t pray in congregation or they don’t hold Fridays stating the this has to be done once the Mahdi appears. Likewise the Jews pray solely stating that congregation should be held once the Jewish Messiah appears.

—The Jews abandoned Moses against the Cannanites stating that, ”go and fight You and your Lord, whereas we remain here sitting.” Similarly the Shiites abandoned Ali(ra), Hussein(ra), and Zayd ibn Zainel Abideen when they were in the battlefield fighting against the oppressors.

—The Jews exalt some their Prophets and Holy men so much that they regard them as deities(in terms of obedience and attachment), whereas they degrade some of the other Prophets and the holy men to such an extent that they call them whores, unchaste, drunkards, corrupt, and idolaters. similarly the Rawafid exalt Ali(ra) and his descendents to a status they don’t reserve and on the other hand they regard the other companions of the Prophet to be corrupt, hypocrites, idolaters, unchaste(as in the case of Mugheerah ibn Shuba) and whores(as in case of Muawiyah, Amr ibn Al-As, and Umar ibn al-Khattab).

—Disgrace and cowardice befell the Jews wherever they were and similarly disgrace and cowardice caught the Rafidhis in so much that they resurrected Taqiyya out of extreme fear and humiliation.

—The Jews pray three times a day, similarly the Shiite pray three times a day such that they combine Asr and Dhuhur and pray them at the same time, and they combine Maghrib and Isha and pray them together

—An extinct sect of the Shiites used to believe that Gabriel made an error by revealing to prophet Muhammad instead of Ali, and thus Gabriel should be hated, and similarly the Jews, they abhore and hate Angel Gabriel.

All of these are unique similiarites b/w judaism and Shiism and proves the fact that Shiism is the product of the accursed Abdullah ibn Sabah.


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