Similarities Between Shi’aism and Judaism pt2

Posted: September 22, 2008 by millatibraheem in al-Imaan, Rebuttals

Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

Translated by:
S. G. Khawajah

Published by:
Zia-ul-Qur’aan Publications
Daata Ganj Bakhsh Road
Lahore (Pakistan)

Edition First (in Pakistan) 1996

Collated by:
Maulana Okarvi Academy Al-A’lami, 53-B, S.M.C.H.S. Karachi-74400
* * * * *

..I should also state why I have undertaken to write this tract. It is simply this. During the course of my recent tour of African countries for the purpose of the propagation of the Faith, I found to my horror that many Muslim youths had come under the spell of Khomeini, erstwhile leader of the revolution in Iran. It had occurred simply because although the strident propaganda literature about the legendary exploits of the Iranian leader incessantly poured out- by the Iranian Government had reached the ears of these Muslim youths, but they had remained woefully ignorant about the beliefs and postulates held by the leaders of Shiite thought. I, therefore, felt that it was incumbent on me to expose the Shiite jurists and scholars, including Khomeini, through their own writings, so that Muslim youths become informed of the truth, and are thus able to remain steadfast to the tenets of the Sunni faith.

Now, let us see what that great savant of Islaam, Hazrat Mahboob-e-Subhaani, Saiyyidina Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaani, better known as Hazrat Ghaus-i-A’zam (May Al-Laah be pleased with him)’ has written about the Shiites in his book Ghunyatut Taalibeen.

On page 170 of the book, he says:

“The Shiite faith is much akin to the Jewish faith. According to Allamah Sha’bi, the “love” borne by the Raafzis (Shiites) is like the love borne by the Jews. The Jews hold that no man, unless he is from the House of David, is fit to be an Imaam. The Shiites reject the claim to Imaamat of any man who is not from the

House of Ali Ibne Abi Taalib.

The Jews are of the view that until Dajjaal appears and until Hazrat ‘Isaa (May peace and blessings be upon him) does not—delayed so long for one reason or another—descend from the heaven, it is wholly wrong to wage a holy war (Jihaad). Similarly, the Raafizis (Shiites) hold that unless Imaam Mahdi appears and unless the heaven testifies to his Imaamat, it is not permitted to unleash a war for the sake of Al-Laah.

The Jews delay their Maghrib prayers (Namaaz) until the stars join together. Similarly, the Shiites delay their Maghrib prayers.

The Jews say their prayers while removed from the Qiblah and a bit tilted from it. The Shiites do the same.

The Jews move to and fro while saying their prayers. The Raafizis (Shiites) do likewise.

While praying, the Jews let their outer garments touch the ground. The Shiites do likewise.

The Jews deem the killing of every Musalmaan to be permitted to them. The Shiites hold the same view.

The Jews do not attach any importance to the provision of Id-dat (waiting period) for divorced women. The Raafizis also are like them in this matter.

The Jews do not think that any harm attaches to pronouncing talaaq (divorce) thrice. The Shiites also believe likewise.

The Jews tampered with the Thauraat. The Shiites tampered with the Qur’aan. They say that changes and distortions had already been made in the Qur’aan and alterations had been affected in the arrangement of its verses. They further say that the order in which the Qur’aan was revealed has not been retained and the way it is now recited is not proved by a reference to the Prophet (May Al-Laah’s peace and blessings be upon him). The Shiites, therefore, maintain that additions and subtractions have been made in the Qur’aan.

The Jews have an enmity with Hazrat Jibra’eel (May peace be upon him), and they say that he is an enemy to them from amongst the angels. Similarly, one faction of the Shiites says that Jibra’eel grossly erred in delivering (Wah’y) Al-Laah’s Message to Hazrat Muhammad (May Al-Laah’s peace and blessing be upon him) instead of to Hazrat Ali for whom, according to them, it was in fact meant.

The Shiites are liars. May they perish till Doomsday!”


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