Satanic Fatwa of bin Baz and Some Remarks

Posted: October 9, 2008 by millatibraheem in Rebuttals

Satanic Fatwa of bin Baz and Some Remarks

The late Mufti of al-Saud, Abdul Aziz bin Baz stated:

“What resulted from the Saudi government is for reasons of these well played out developments against the oppression of the state of Iraq towards the state of Kuwait by SEEKING HELP ALTOGETHER from the ARMIES which are composed of a number of people from the MUSLIMS and OTHER THAN THEM (kuffar) for resistance against military aggression and defense of the lands (the Peninsula).

“ Thus that (the fatwa) is a permissible order, and on the contrary its judgment is necessity, and it is a necessity on the Kingdom that it (the Kingdom) establish this compulsory act for the defense of the lands of Islam and the Muslims. The sanctity of the land and its people is an imperative matter as well. On the contrary, it is absolutely necessary and an obligatory duty.

“So it (the Kingdom) is excused and praiseworthy on its sudden, spontaneous action towards this prudence and the avid desire for protection of the land and its people from evil and defending it (the lands) from expected military aggression. It has already been established that the president of Iraq is not trusted by the common folk from the country of Kuwait. So treachery is to be expected from him. So because of this, the necessity was called to take precaution and help in a number of FOREIGN ARMIES for the protection of the land and its people and in the avid desire for the safety and well being of the land and its people from every thing.

“ And we ask Allaah that He assist it (the action) and that He put it (the action) on every good and that He benefit the motives, make good the outcome, that He put to rest every evil and that He make the plan of the enemies of Allaah go astray and that He purify the Muslims of their evil and He, Mighty and Majestic, is the best One to be responsible.” (al-Fiqhiyyat ul Ma’aasira, No. 6, year 1990 regarding the Gulf Crisis)

Remarks about this fatwa

This fatwa is nothing but a piece of satanic paperwork that has been handed out to destroy the Ummah. This is known for the following reasons,

a. This fatwa, if you have noticed, did not include one single ayah from the Qur’an, for there is no single ayah to support it, as any ayah would be against it.

b. There was not one single hadith quoted to support it, due to the fact that all ahaadith are against it.

c. He did not have any evidence from scholars of the past, which he could mention to support his evil fatwa.

d. This fatwa is hindering and denying what the Rasoolullaah sAllaahu alayhi wa salam said about expelling Jews and Christians from the Peninsula. This man is actually bringing them into the Peninsula and opposing the words of the Rasoolullaah sAllaahu alayhi wa salam and Musims. This could only be a naked kufr and clear opposition to the statements of the Rasoolullaah sAllaahu alayhi wa salam

e. This shows that he is making halaal haraam and haraam halaal, and is even willing to go against the fatwa mentioned before this one. That fatwa stressed that it is major kufr to give even the slightest aid to kuffar against Muslims. Scholars of the Peninsula have never called Saddam a kaafir, and they even called him ‘the Guardian of the Eastern Gate against the Shi’a.’ Yet, they imported all of these kuffar troops from outside of the Peninsula to kill Saddam and the Iraqi people, and this is clear kufr, for Allaah said, “And if you give allegiance to them, then you are one of them,” Surat ul Ma’ida, ayah 51

f. We can also see his true evil, when he makes the kaafir armies appear as something mild, when he writes, ‘foreign troops,’ instead of saying kuffar. And he knows that these troops are nothing but armed Crusaders, full of homosexuals, who are rejoicing at their entry into the Peninsula. Inside of these armies are the Jews and Christians, who have built churches and synagogues in the Peninsula to comfort their soldiers, even though the Rasoolullaah sAllaahu alayhi wa salam ordered their expulsion in very clear statements. This fatwa even goes against the clear verses of the Qur’an, which are also against their presence in the Peninsula. And to compound all of this, for the first time in 1400 years, the Jews have sounded the shofar (the ram’s horn blown on religious ceremonies) inside of the Peninsula to celebrate their triumphant re-entry into the Peninsula since they were forced from the area of Khaibar, which they used to inhabit. Christians as well have been active, and have not ceased in propagating their evil on radio stations, which has led some sisters astray and caused them to apostate. There have also been some reports of young Muslim girls running away with these ‘foreign’ soldiers to Western countries to claim asylum. We have Sheikh Ibn Baz and the Senior Scholars of the Peninsula to thank for these achievements.

g. Ibn Baz has gone against another one of his famous fataawa where he stated that no Muslim is allowed to take help from a pagan to fight pagans, as the Rasoolullaah sAllaahu alayhi wa salam ordered in authentic narrations. But look at what he turned around and did when he aided pagans in killing MUSLIMS using the Holy Land.

h. This fatwa is used to cast a spell over the reader, as the end is filled with supplications to Allaah. This is a clear trick of the magicians of the Pharaoh’s court. Allaah has warned us not to clothe truth with falsehood. Yet this man has, and has tried to make the falsehood appear Islamic in nature, when it is antagonistic to Islam. For the sake of evidence, this fatwa will appear in the appendices in the back of the book in its original Arabic form.

*** Until now, children are still being killed in Iraq due to this fatwa. On top of that, Ibn Baz died unrepentant and without retracting a single part of this fatwa. He simply was not told by his master to do so.  – Allahs Governance on Earth

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