Ibn Baaz Between Reality and Illusion

Posted: October 13, 2008 by millatibraheem in Rebuttals

Ibn Baaz between reality and illusion
By Sheikh Ayman az-Zawaahiri (HA)

I listened to the fataawaa of Ibn Baaz, like many other millions of Muslims, which was broadcasted all over (the world). He was calling the Muslims to pray in Masjid al-Aqsaa and permitted trade with Israel.

Then I heard the response of the prime minister of Israel, Is’haaq Raabeen, saluting and welcoming the “honorable” mufti. [1]

Unlike many people, I wasn’t very surprised from what that man (Ibn Baaz) said, because I have a very firm opinion about him, despite the great elevation that many people have given him. In my simple understanding, it is impossible for a man to be an imaam, mufti, person of fatwaa, example of education, and simultaneously have one of the highest religious positions in the regime of Aal-Sa’oud (the Saudi government) – America’s greatest agent.

So how does Aal-Sa’oud pay that man (Ibn Baaz) all these salaries, and give him all these positions whilst they are the strongest followers (allies) of America, except if the presence of that man in those positions was a major benefit for Aal-Sa’oud. Aal-Sa’oud are the ones who are ruling the Muslims by the edge of the sword (by dictatorship), without any mercy or compromise.

And if it occurred to them (the Saudi regime) once, that this sheikh will ever oppose them, or be of any kind of threat to their authority, they would have taken so many measures to silence him through isolation or even by killing him. And the history of Aal-Sa’oud of killing their oppositions goes without say.

All of the above is not the main purpose of this speech (article), but the purpose is as follows…

Verily many people have taken Ibn Baaz and those with him as an example in the Deen and as a reference for their fataawaa. They refer to their (Ibn Baaz and his followers) fataawaa and publications in the vital issues of the Deen, i.e. in ‘aqeedah and tawheed, and in the most dangerous issues related to the Muslims – being the apostate rulers who are ruling the Muslim lands.

And those followers, despite all what they choke about in regards to their independence (disassociation) from taqleed (blind following) and madhaahib (schools of thought), they are the biggest people of taqleed towards him (Ibn Baaz) and his people. And this da’wah has spread amongst thousands of Muslim youth until it has become the normality.

Until we saw someone like Safar al-Hawaali coming out with the idea that democracy might be a necessity to rescue the country from chaos, referring to Algeria as an example, he is referring all of this (i.e. the idea of democracy) to Bin Baaz, in his tape no.4661 Tasjeelaat al-Hidaayah al-Islaamiyyah in Dammaam, lecture dated 23/06/1412. All of this is despite al-Hawaali’s knowledge in ‘Ilm ut-Tawheed and despite all his books about secularism. If this was the case with Safar al-Hawaali, so what about anybody else? (In other words, if someone “knowledgeable” as Sheikh Safar al-Hawaali could be misguided by Ibn Baaz, what about those who are less knowledgeable)?

Thousands of youth have been living as prisoners to these dazzling names, Bin Baaz, ‘Uthaymeen and Abee Bakr al-Jazaa’iri, who they follow and will not even dare to oppose, even though their mistakes are so great, and their deviation is so outrageous.

And I used to wonder how do those people imitate in their Deen a man (Ibn Baaz) who never sacrificed anything for the sake of Allah and was never tested? On the contrary, he doesn’t get his salary except by defending the interests of the tawaagheet (false gods or those who do not rule by Islam). So how do these people ask him about the solution for the tawaagheet and about the sanctity of their blood and to wipe out their authority? (In other words, how can people ask him how they should deal with the tawaagheet when he himself was a defender of taaghout)?

It is about time for the Muslim youth to free themselves from these empty ringing names who have exaggerated their nifaaq (hypocrisy) with the tawaagheet until they have become a laughing-stock in front of friends and enemies. [2]

And it is about time for these youth to gather around the ‘ulamaa al-‘aamileen (sincere active scholars) who are suffering and being tested for the sake of their Deen, the ones who Allah (SWT) has described them as, “And we made from among them [Children of Israel], leaders, giving guidance under Our Command, when they were patient and used to believe with certainty in Our Aayaat.” (EMQ as-Sajdah, 32:24)

It is also about time for these youth to wake up from their unconsciousness which they are living in, and understand that the battle of Islam and kufr, haq and baatil, is a crucial battle and there is no escaping it. And whoever is not going to prepare himself for it and get ready, he is going to be the first victim of it.

It would have been possible for us to stay silent about those people (Ibn Baaz and his cronies), if only they themselves accepted to keep their mouths shut, and just speak about what is not going to make the rulers angry – the personal ritual affairs of the Deen, even though that would have been impossible since all these tawaagheet are so evil and corrupted. But those ‘ulamaa have turned into the destroyers and demolishers of the ‘aqeedah for the youth, making excuses for the kufr (apostasy) of the taaghout, go against commanding good and forbidding evil, permit the settlement of the invading forces of the American crusaders in the Arabian peninsula, and bless the policies of normalizing relationship with Israel and the Jewish upper hand on the Muslim land.

Now this is what nobody with one atom’s weight of shame in his heart can accept, let alone to have one atom of imaan in his heart (in other words, if a person has an atom’s weight of shame in his heart he will never accept this, let alone to have an atom’s weight of imaan).

And I know my words are going to be too much for many of the good people who are still living in the illusion, or for the people who agree with me but have no bravery or courage to come out with it, fearing that others might start accusing them of belittling the ‘ulamaa, or because they cannot go against what they have been repeating (regurgitating) for many years.

However, the haq is ablaj (clear), and the baatil is shaken; indeed Ibn Baaz and his taa’ifah (entity, group, followers etc.) are the government scholars who are selling us (the believers) to our enemies in return for some salary and some position. Let whoever wants to be angry be angry, and whoever wants to be pleased, let them be pleased (with what I am saying).

Indeed the camp of imaan can confront the camp of kufr; we have to get rid of the munaafiqeen and the fraudsters,

“And thus do we explain the Aayaat in detail, that the way of the mujrimoon, may become manifest.” (EMQ al-An’aam, 6:55)

The Magazine of the Mujaahidoon, 11th edition, first year, Wednesday the 3rd of Sha’baan 1415


1 Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’aan: “And never will the Jews and Christians be pleased with you until you follow their millah” (EMQ al-Baqarah, 2:120)

2 On one hand these people condemn those who do not rule by what Allah has revealed, yet they defend the apostate rulers and heretically justify all their crimes.

See also the following related link: http://millatibraheem.muslimpad.com/2008/09/29/identifying-government-scholars-and-clarifying-their-purpose/

And a reminder of what Imaam ibn Taymia had stated in ‘Majmua al-Fatawa‘ Vol. 20, Pg 200 :

“The person who is obeyed in disobedience of Allaah or the person who is obeyed in following other than the guidance of the religion of truth; in either case, if what he orders mankind is in opposition to Allaah’s orders, then he is a Taghoot. For this reason, we call the people who rule by other than what Allaah revealed, a ‘Taghoot’.”


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