Crushing the Salafi Idols: “The Donkey of Knowledge Slipped in Mud”

Posted: November 3, 2008 by millatibraheem in Rebuttals

The Donkey of Knowledge Slipped in Mud

Verily I have read in the Arai Al Urduniyyah, dated 16 Safar 1417 H, which is 2/71996, a news with the topic: “The committee of biggest scholars in Saudi [Haiat Kibaar al Ulama] mourns the bombing incident”

And it was in the news: “the committee of the biggest scholars in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia mourns in a declaration which was taken by the newspapers of the kingdom yesterday, the incident of the bombing in the news…”

And said the declaration which was issued from an exclusive meeting concluded on Saturday in the city of Taif with the presidency of Sheikh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz bin Baz :

“Verily the committee after looking and studying and thinking concluded with Ijmaa’… verily this bombings is a criminal act which is prohibited in the Shari’ah with the Ijmaa’ of the Muslims”

And added: “In this bombings were a violation of the sanctity of Islaam which is known with necessity and a violation to the innocent souls and a violation of the sanctity of wealth and a violation to the sanctity of security and peace and the life of people who are peaceful and calm in their houses and their lives and their coming and goings…”

And they followed the Bayaan saying :

“How bad and big in crime is the person who dares upon the sanctities of Allaah and oppressed His slaves and scared the Muslims and the residence within them so woe unto him and again woe unto him from the punishment of Allaah and His vengeance and from an invocation which encompasses him. We ask Allaah to expose his hiding and humiliate his matter” end of quote.

I say: Verily Allaah has exposed your matter and opened your veil O scholars of Misguidance… and by Allaah there was a day when we used to stop our tongues from taking in your matter, and we used to make disunity with ourselves by involving ourselves with you, fearing from eruption of our quarrel and deviance from the path of our call… and we used to see it sufficient to warn the youth from your misguidance… until this led to us being declared as Kuffar by ones who made takfir upon us due to our leaving involvement in declaring you to be Kuffar…

And we used to hope that you would bring back… or you would change… or you would alter… or you would repent… or you would be shameful…. And we used to turn away from you, taking an example in the Hadeeth of the Prophet saAllaahu alayhi wa salam “leave them, people will say Muhammad kills his companions”

But you, and how sad… you have not increased but in blindness and transgression… and deviation from the truth and slipping out of tawheed, and taking place towards the tawaagheet and towards polytheism and making equals (with Allaah)…

And when your Salaf and your shuyukh whom Abdul Aziz (Akhu Naurah) and (Abu Fahd) used to see them as naive and used to laugh upon them… thus they find who would patch for them, for the intelligence of the despicable and making firm deception and deceitful…

Thus the rule of his sons to whom today you ally and give bay’ah today, and their matter is not hidden to anyone… and thus their kufr and their alliance to the enemies of the religion and the Tawaagheet of Kufr from the people of east and west and their fighting against Muwahhidun is clear and not hidden even to the blind…

And with all this, you are still naming the tawaagheet as Imaam of Muslims, and you count him and others besides him from the tawaagheet to be Shar’i leaders of matters [wali Amr], and you count the one who goes against them, the one who disbelieves in their Shirk as Khawaarij and rebels and takfiriyyeen… thus what the Messenger saAllaahu alayhi wa salam mentioned from the sayings of the early prophesy: “If you are not shameful, than do what you wish”

Verily us and our Muwahhid brothers from whom, who stands in front of the faces of the Tawaagheet in every place of the earth shred your this claimed Ijmaa’..

Either you do not count us from the Muslims!! Or you are not truthful in your claiming of this Ijmaa… and may Allaah have mercy upon the Imaam of Ahlu Sunnah and Jama’ah Ahmad bin Hanbal to whom you ascribe your school of thought-as a lie-when he said: “whoever claims Ijmaa then hus he has lied, how does he knows that maybe people differed…”

And your this falsely thought Ijmaa is nothing

Because it is the Ijmaa of Clinton and Sheraak and fahd and asad and hasan and husein and husein? anf others beside them from the scholars of fitnah and the custodians of Shirk and Laws..

As for your saying “how bad and big in crime is the person who dares upon the sanctities of Allaah and oppressed His slaves and scared the Muslims”

Thus I do not think it is hidden upon anyone O blind ones of the heart that the one most appropriate upon whom the likes of these sentences fit is your Taghut Fahd and his brothers from the tawaagheet of shirk who did not leave any sanctity from the sanctities of Allaah except that they have violated it, and neither was there a right for the slaves of Allaah except they have oppressed them regarding it… and terrorized the Muslims and gave peace to the Mushriks and made the eyes of the kaafireen cool and explaining their kufr and their Baatil and their crimes doesn’t have space in the likes of these papers..

Verily you have verified-O scholars of Evil-before this upon the killing of Juhaimaan and a group of his brothers and now these verdicts with which they were killed is preserved and gives witnesses upon your crimes, and with that it has been said that day: the matter was unclear and the a great tribulation happened with it, and carrying weapons in Haram is a fitnah and there were difference in opinions and killing of the innocent… and… and…. to its end, so you found who would patch for your Baatil… and the ones who patch did patch for you…

Then you made the wearing of the cross permissible for your taghut fahd… he wore a Cross, thus it was said the matter is unclear… and this (medal) and a symbol and the cross is not clear in it and the one who patches patched for you…

Then you gave a verdict for your Imaam to let the Americans enter and make them stable in the Jazeerah and you have given verdict for the permissibility of taking help from them against Saddam Hussein, while with it verily you did not use to make takf?r upon him or make takfir upon his army!! Rather you used to drum and sing for him when he used to fight the raafidhi Iran… then you took the path of the khawaarij, thus you made takfir upon him for his conquering of Kuweit and killing and fighting … and you have made permissible due to this, taking help from the Kuff?r in fighting against him… and there they are (Americans) residing from the blessings of your fatawa in the lands of the Muslims…

Thus it was said: “the matter has harms and benefits in it and Saddam is a taghut and a criminal, he was not to stop in the borders of Kuwait… and others besides this… thus the one who patches patched for you..!”

And how here you are taking your jilbaab of shame and you are announcing it in open, thus you are agreeing to the killing of a Muwahhid Muslim in return of a christian polytheist, thus you are giving verdict to kill four from the best of Muwahhid?n after the Riyadh bombings… while the Prophet saAllaahu alayhi wa salam verily said: “…a Muslim is not killed in return of a kaafir” narrated by Al Bukhaari… thus the ones who patch were shocked…. And the ones who had something from shame from them said: “there are things patched and things which cannot be patched”

Then here you are thinking (the ijmaa of the Muslims) upon the prohibition of this kind of action and verily that it is from the biggest of crimes and you forget the crimes of your different tawaagheet…

But we say with all clarity… all this was not strange for us… Yes, sometimes a person other than us might see that as strange, who had no insight regarding you before this day, thus he would be shocked and alarmed with the likes of these stances… as for the Muwahhid whose heart is illuminated with the light of Wa’hi, and the path of the criminals are clear (for him), and knows the rule of Allaah regarding your taghut (Imaam) then he sees you with all this giving the clap of your hands and the fruits of your hearts to him (taghut) thus you give him bay’ah…. And you agree to him that he is the Imaam of the Muslims… while he is from the tawaagheet with whom we have to first disbelieve, which Allaah commanded us!!

Thus whoever knows this and has an insight with this… he would not be shocked or alarmed with what is more little or what roots from that…

So lay eggs and make the chicks come out… and give verdicts with what you wish from falsehood and lies

The horizon is clear for you O Nu’amah (a kind of bird) thus twitter as much as you wish to twitter…

But let it be in your knowledge that after your hidden are seen, verily the Ummah will curse you if you do not repent…

“Those who conceal the clear (Signs) We have sent down, and the Guidance, after We have made it clear for the people in the Book, on them shall be Allaah’s curse, and the curse of those entitled to curse.”
[al-Baqara 2:159]

So repent… and improve…. And explain the truth for the creation…

Or else, thus how much the Tawaagheet makes you shine (famous)… and how much they beautify your verdicts which helps the falsehood… and how much they ascribes titles to you… and creates committees for you… thus your return, if you do not repent and improve and explain, (then) your return is to what Allaah tabarak wa ta’ala said in it

“And recite to them the story of him to whom We gave Our Ayat, but he threw them away, so Shaitan followed him up, and he became of those who went astray. And had We willed, We would surely have elevated him therewith but he clung to the earth and followed his own vain desire. So his description is the description of a dog: if you drive him away, he lolls his tongue out, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls his tongue out. Such is the description of the people who reject Our Ayat. So relate the stories, perhaps they may reflect.” [al-Araf 7:175, 176]

O assembly of scholars verily your silence is the proof of the ignorant in every era

O assembly of scholars wake up your sleep has become long till now

O assembly of scholars stand up for Allaah (for) the word of faith

O assembly of scholars, will of the truthful which is only to Allaah free from cowardice

Thus Allaah helps who stands with His help and Allaah will not give victory to the helper of satan

And Abu Muhammad Al Maqdesi

Jordan – Jail of Suwaqah

16 safar 1417 from the migration of the Chosen one


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