Inauthentic Hadeeth “…Adhere to the largest group”

Posted: March 21, 2012 by millatibraheem in Ulum ul Hadeeth, Weak & Fabricated Hadeeth

Authubillaahi min ash-Shaytaani rajeem

Bismillaahi ar-Rahmaan ar-Raheem, as-Salaatu was-Salaam ‘ala Rasulullaah

There are several unauthentic ahadeeth, both in their isnaad and matn, attributed to the Prophet discussing adhering to the largest group.  These false reports are spread by the people of nifaaq whose minds have been polluted with the disease of breaking up the Ummah.  The most popular of these narrations is found in Sunan ibn Maajah in Kitaab al-Fitan #3950,
حدثنا العباس بن عثمان الدمشقي حدثنا الوليد بن مسلم حدثنا معان بن رفاعة السلامي حدثني أبو خلف الأعمى قال سمعت أنس بن مالك يقول سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
أمتي لا تجتمع على ضلالة فإذا رأيتم اختلافا فعليكم بالسواد الأعظم
“My nation will not disagree upon aberration.  If you see differing, adhere to the largest group.”
This has also been narrated through three other chains, with all containing أبو خلف الأعمى .
First Defect:
أبو خلف الأعمى
He has been declared:
Kathhaab by ibn Ma’een.
Matrook al-Hadeeth by Abu Haatim ar-Raazi [al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel 3/279]
Da’if by al-Zawaid.
Matrook al-Hadeeth by ibn Hajr al-‘Asqalaani [Taqreeb at-Tartheeb 8083]
Second Defect:
معان بن رفاعة السلامي
He has been declared:
Da’if by Ibn Ma’een [al-Kamil fi Duafaa ar-Rijaal]
Leen al-hadeeth katheer al-irsaal ibn Hajr al-‘Asqalaani [Taqreeb]
To be continued inshAllaah…

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