Obligation to Implement the Shari’ah

Posted: September 22, 2008 by millatibraheem in Laa ilaha illAllaah

Our beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw) said “…The button holes of Islam will be untied one after the other, and whenever a button hole is untied people will hold onto the ones remaining, and the first one to be untied will be that of ruling by the Shari’ah and the last one will be that of the prayer…” [Musnad Ahmad].
On the 3rd of March 1924 the buttonhole of ruling (Khilafah) was undone by the apostate Mustafa Kemal. This enemy of Islam was aided with the abolishment of the Islamic political system (known as the Ottoman Empire) mainly by the British regime. It was indeed a catastrophic day when the light of Islam was dimmed and its implementation removed from our lives, leaving the Ummah bare and defenceless against the onslaught of the kuffar. It was the day when the Muslim Ummah lost her shield from behind which she stands, protects and propagates the Deen of Allah (swt). It was a day where sovereignty was placed in the hands of humans, a day that changed the whole world into the darkness of Dar-ul-Kufr and to this day manmade law (Democracy, Capitalism, Secularism, Nationalism etc) has been idolised.

Today the burden of working to establish the Khilafah and implement the Shari’ah is on the neck of all Muslims, it is an obligation (Fard) of the highest order that requires utmost effort and sacrifice. If we neglect this collective Fard then we are calling out to the wrath and anger of Allah (swt). Muhammad (saw) and his Sahabah (ra) had the great honour of establishing the first Islamic State in Madinah by a bloodless coup de tat. Today we have the privilege of following the same footsteps and working for this righteous and honourable cause.

The Last and Final Messenger of Allah (swt) said “It is not lawful for the Muslims to be without an Imam for three days [khaleef]” [Sunan Bayhaqi].

The Ulema-ul-Haq (sincere non-governmental Islamic scholars) all agree that the word Imam in this Hadith is referring to the leader of all the Muslims, the Amir-ul-Mu’mineen. Our history tells us that we have not had an Imam for over 80 years and this is evident with the cries from within our Ummah that have gone unanswered all over the globe e.g. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Burma, Chechnya, China, Eritrea, Iraq, Kashmir, Kosova, Palestine, Philippines, Somalia etc.

Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (d.728AH) elucidates the absolute importance of being united under one leadership by saying “sixty years of rule under a tyrant Imam (legitimate Khaleef) are better than a night with out an Imam” [Minhaaj vol. 2 p.146].

Furthermore the famous Tabieen Abdul Hamid ibn Yahyah described the Khilafah as being the crown of all obligations and the jewel. He advised the Khaleef by saying “Oh! Amir-ul-Mu’mineen be pertinent of the Khilafah and to preserve it is one of the noble tasks it is the power base that protects the eggs of Islam in their nest and this Deen cannot be anything without it.”

ALL the laws of Kufr need to be eradicated and replaced by the laws of Allah (swt) immediately. We are commanded to implement Islam in ALL aspects of our lives and carry it to the whole world via Jihad so that we may succeed in this life under the domain of Dar-ul-Islam and in the hereafter in Jannah Inshallah.
Muhammad (saw) said “Allah showed me the East of the East and the West of the West (i.e. whole world), I saw that the authority of my Ummah had reached both” [Musnad Ahmad].

Muhammad (saw) said “Verily this Deen will reach wherever the day and night reach and Allah (swt) will leave no house in a country or city except he will let the Deen enter it whether by embracing it with dignity or by abiding by its rule with humiliation…” [Ahmad]


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